We cover all aspects of ecclesiastical stained glass, from the design, supplying and fitting of new stained glass windows to the smallest in situ repair.

The creation of a new ecclesiastical window is always a great honour and a fascinating challenge. Working closely with the donors and the church officials we can create a design that not only fits its purpose but adds to the beauty of its surroundings.

We can carry out full restoration of damaged stained glass windows, where necessary, removing the stained glass carefully from the stonework, securely boarding up and taking the glass back to the studio for refurbishment.

Where possible all existing glass is saved, cracks repaired and sympathetically restored. If necessary we will replace sections lost or damaged beyond reasonable repair, paying careful attention to the colour of the glass and replicating the painting methods of the original artist. Sections that need it are re-leaded and the panels are carefully weatherproofed before refitting and pointing in neatly.

Where appropriate we will carry out repairs in situ by carefully removing broken panes, reassembling them in the studio and painting replacements for fitting back into the lead profiles and sealing with blackened putty.

We can also protect your stained glass windows with unobtrusive black powder coated stainless steel grilles, profiled to the stonework sight-line or U/V rated polycarbonate.