A key part of our business is the production of traditional stained glass and leaded lights.

With the 1960s and 1970s vogue for ‘modernising’ properties and the tendency by some to replace damaged leaded glass with plain glazing, to save money, many period properties have lost their original stained glass and leaded lights and, subsequently, some of their character.

The tendency in recent years has been to roll back previous alterations and to return properties to their original and intended character as much as possible. We pride ourselves on being able to supply period stained and leaded glass that is fully in harmony with the age and character of the property and looks like it has always been there.

In most cases we will look at neighbouring properties to find existing glass, take detailed notes of glass colours and types, lead profiles and maybe take rubbings and photographs. If there are no originals in the neighbourhood we have many designs and photographs of previous work and also many designs inherited from now-defunct local stained glass companies. Using these and decades of experience we can come up with a design that perfectly matches the clients wishes and the character of the property. The result will be  a quality product, in total harmony with its surroundings, which will be look like it is an original feature.

We also have a large selection of period glass that we have collected, inherited or salvaged, over the years, to give even greater authenticity and harmony to our traditional-style new lights and to make perfect, undetectable repairs to existing leaded lights.